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Austrian Design

Text: Jakob Tripolt

When looking into design from Austria, you will find many extraordinary solutions and ideas; design that inspires you, makes you smile or even catch your breath in amazement. But what distinguishes Austrian design from design from other countries?

Same, same but different

In general, all designers worldwide rely on the same creative principles, rules and methods. Still, their final products differ greatly. This could be a result of the influence that culture and landscape have on creative work. Does this apply to Austrian design as well?

Büro Rabensteiner adds alpine chic to a customer magazine for women’s clothing boutique Meier Seefeld.

Credits: Marc Cain, Mike Rabensteiner





Snow was the inspiration for the interior decoration of this apartment by Penda architects.

Credits: Penda

Feldküche combines the skills of Austrian chefs with the best local produce in breathtaking outdoor venues. This beautiful book by Super BfG captures the wonderful results.

Credits: David Schreyer & Super BfG



GREAT created this exciting tourist guide for winter sport destinations Lech and Zürs.

Credits: GREAT, 

Social peculiarities

Everyone likes design with a pinch of humour. Here are some examples of how the notorious Viennese sense of humour, the Wiener Schmäh, is put to best use:

Dvorak trifft Schwab, articulate as always, created an exceptional website for restaurant Lugeck in Vienna.

Credits: Martin Dvorak & Florian Schwab,



Viennese animation studio Österreichischer Trickfilm narrates this lovely story of a quirky old lady.

Video: Österreichischer Trickfilm

In a deeply catholic country like Austria, there simply has to be an element of religion in design. For their client Fahrradmanufaktur Kraftstoff, Haselwanter Grafik und Design came up with this alternative brochure: the bike bible.

Credits: Haselwanter Grafik_und Design





Laura Wolfsteiner created striking images to illustrate the linguistic peculiarities.

Credits: Laura Wolfsteiner


Exceptions confirm the rule

And then there are creative projects outside any box. Don’t miss these:

This group of WILD guys:

Credits: Wild


Intriguing landing page by Les Avignons for Andy Wolf Eyewear:

Credits: Les Avignons



TV spot by Traktor Wien x Boicut for Samsung:

Credits: Traktor Wien,,



These examples are proof of the diversity of Austrian design. The country’s culture and landscapes clearly have an effect on designers, more on some, less on others. Austrian design IS different from others – it is individual, special, unique.

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